Saturday, 23 April 2011

The Astronomers Vision

The journey continues... I have finally began work on my final short film.
Our short films are a collaboration with the National Gallery through their 'Transcriptions Project' in which we must produce a short film inspired by a painting from the National Gallery's collection

It took two visits to the National Gallery but at 1am whilst browsing the National Gallery website I was inspired by a painting called 'The Astrologer'. Obviously Astronomy and Astrology are two different subjects but I felt a connection with the painting and the idea of exploration.

After further browsing on the National Gallery website I came across two paintings 'The Astronomer' and 'The Young Astronomer'.

The basic premise is about a lonely Astronomer who realises he is coming towards the end of his career. He notices a picture from his childhood and falls into a vision where he sees himself a child exploring space in a fantasy-like sequence and reconnects with his passion for astronomy and remembers that there is more to be discovered.

I will be posting early pre-production work here and also on a blog I have created for the project to log research and

Saturday, 16 April 2011

Tuesday, 5 April 2011

Task Project

Just before we begin our final student films. We were set the task of completing a 30 second animation where we had to find something difficult for a character to do. Doing the task allowed me to understand a lot more about the use of humour in animation and timing not only in animation but comedy. The task was animated straight ahead in flash and sound effects provided by yours truly.

More character/concept art